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I like to tell people “outside is my happy place” because as an artist, a graphic designer and a surface pattern designer, outside is where I find my inspiration and joy. If you peek into my bag, you will probably find a few collected leaves, a pinecone or two and a sketchbook to document all the treasures that wouldn’t fit. 

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I have been doodling and creating things for as long as I can remember, but it was always just for fun, just a hobby. When it came time to choose a major in college, I wasn’t confident enough to choose fine art without a backup plan. So I graduated with a dual major in fine art and advertising… but not a clue what to do with either. I thought graphic design might be the perfect way to combine those two interests. I taught myself the design programs and pursued a career as a graphic designer. This satisfied my creativity for a while, but after seven years of working at the fast pace of advertising, I found myself approaching burnout. I lacked the energy or motivation to create for myself in the evenings. 


It was around this same time that my husband and I got married and I made the decision to leave my steady-paying job and follow his military career, wherever in the world that might take us. Shortly after, we started a family and I took a long break from making any art at all. I found freelance graphic design work here and there as we moved around the world, but I mostly focused on exploring our new locations and raising our two kids. 

When I returned to my art after almost 8 years without it, I felt rusty at first, but I also felt a renewed inspiration. Staying at home with my children has given me an appreciation for the small details in life, such as finding the perfect dandelion, jumping in rainy-day puddles, or counting the number of acorns found on a morning walk. 


I began taking classes and workshops online, participating in art challenges and re-engaging with the artist side of myself. Then I came across a class about surface pattern design. It was like they were speaking directly to my heart! I could combine the artist and the graphic designer in me. I could combine the digital with the analog. I was hooked. And I still am! 


My work is very heavily influenced by the natural world and the small wonders we can find in it. I hike as often as I can with my family and we stop for every flower, bug and rock that catches the eye. I live for these moments of fascination where time stands still and we can appreciate the unique shape of a leaf, or the sound a beetle makes flying by. 


Through my art and my patterns, I hope to capture these simple delights in nature and share them with you. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around. I’m so glad you’re here! 

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